libESMTP has seen only occasional activity on my part for some time now. It is believed to be robust and stable; most people seem to have little by way of problems using it. Nevertheless things move on and this necessitates some work to bring it in line with recent devlopments.

Version 1.0.6 addressed some of these issues concerning OpenSSL and autoconf* as well as accululating a number of bug-fixes since version 1.0.4 (1.0.5 was never released).


Version 1.0.7rc1, now available, represents the first major change for some time as the existing SASL code (auth-client) is deprecated in favour of libgsasl.

auth-client was originally intended to fulfil the same role as libgsasl, however, libgsasl is actively developed, supports more authentication mechanisms, and has the same licence as libESMTP. It is felt that it is time to deprecate auth-client pending eventual removal.

Code and documentation have been updated to reflect changes in RFC numbers etc. as specifications migrate from proposed standard to full standard status.

Subsequent releases will concentrate on TLS/SSL support.