Signs to Look Out For With Older Roofs

Do roofs get taken for granted? In many cases, yes. They protect us from the rain, sun, wind and other outside elements.

So the least we can do is ensure good roof maintenance. Roofs should be looked at by a professional at least once or twice a year. A professional is trained to look at the roof and determine whether a potential problem is on the horizon.

Signs to Beware of with Older Roofs

Sometimes just taking the time to glance at the roof can show the homeowner that there may be an issue. Going into that attic, with a ladder, climbing up on it and observing the roof from that angle can be beneficial. A homeowner will be surprised at the things noticed, when the time is taken.

Below is a list of signs that a homeowner may need to take seriously.

a. sagging roof

b. moss

c. shingles buckling

d. cracked flashing

In many cases some of these signs can easily take place even with roofs that are not considered old. A roof that is considered old is around 15-20 years old. Once many roofs get to be this age, they may began to show signs of aging. But roofs that are newer can also show these same signs.

The location of the home has a lot to do with premature signs of age. For example, if a home is in a state that has constant rain, the roof of that home may show more signs of damage than a roof that’s in area where there is very little rain. The same goes for roofs that are under constant threat of storm such as hurricanes.

It takes a toll on a home when it has to endure yearly hurricanes and heavy storms. Roofs that have been through a few hurricanes may need to be closely observed. It is a good idea to build a relationship with a roofing contractor. Find a good one that has shown integrity and stick with him/her.

Putting trust into a responsible roofing company can in some cases add years to the life of the roof. A roof that is properly maintained can reduce prevent stressful situations. A roof that is neglected in most cases does just the opposite.

It is simply not reasonable to ignore a sagging roof. After all a sagging roof can present a danger to the residents living in the home. A sagging roof, normally does not happen overnight.

It takes time. Water is accumulated and is allowed to seat for a long time. After a while the entire roof is saturated with water. The seating water is so heavy that the roof is now sagging and about to fall in.

This is not a simple roof repair situation. This will most likely call for a completely new roof. The residents will need to be careful, while dwelling there until the roof is replaced.

Moss can be removed by scrubbing the areas in which the moss is growing. A tough bristled brush should do the trick. Keeping that particular area of the roof dry, can prevent the moss from again. Roofers are more than happy to remedy moss issues. If too much moss accumulates in one area, it can present a costly problem.

When a roof reaches a certain age, it begins to show certain signs, such as shingles falling. Shingles will be missing from the roof in various places. Shingles buckling is also noticed. A buckled shingle will not be as protective against moisture.

Shingles with missing granules will also begin to occur. It is advised for homeowners to be attentive when removing granules. They can clog up the gutters and the downspouts.

Flashings are used to secure the area around the chimney and other areas. Older homes will have flashings cemented in. Newer homes have metal flashings. Water is not able to seep through with flashings set in place.

If a flashing is cracked it needs to be repaired or replaced immediately. If a flashing is cracked, and it rains this could present a problem. At all times flashings must be sealed and in good shape.

When searching for a good contractor the homeowner should consider the reputation that they have in the community. A good reputation in the community generallly means the contractor is professional and responsible. The homeowner should always ask about the prices of the services.

Never attempt to assume the prices. The roofing company should be able to produce a pricing list. This list should have a the prices of the services listed on it. If the company shys away from giving out this information, it may be a good idea to keep looking.